How does Oy M. Haloila Ab benefit from CT PUBLISHER?

In this blog series, I emphasize the importance of providing a world-class Customer Experience in service and maintenance operations for your customers and service partners, through the use of self-service digitalized solutions and platforms. In this blog post, I explain how Oy M. Haloila Ab in Finland has been able to:

  • Streamline their after-sales and delivery processes significantly, and reduce the need for manual data entry
  • Generate complex documentation (unique, machine-specific manuals etc.) in just one minute and publish them to customers and service personnel over the web
  • Ensure that all stakeholders have secure access to the correct versions of documents by distributing them over an easy to use web platform

Keep reading, as I am sure you will be inspired by the cooperation of Haloila and ATR Soft in solving some of the challenges in mass customization and managing complex sets of documentations!

Stretch wrapping machines tailored for your needs.​

Oy M. Haloila Ab is a leading manufacturer of fully automatic and semi-automatic stretch wrapping machines for pallet loads. The company is committed to understand the needs of its customers and to provide leading wrapping technology as well as innovative solutions for machines’ modernization and maintenance. No matter if you operate in construction, food, or paper industry, for Haloila it is the same as they take it as an opportunity to find new innovative packaging solutions together with their customers.

As a part of the global Signode Industrial GroupHaloila’s knowledge extends to the strap, stretch, and protective packaging.

Each stretch wrapping machine Haloila sells and delivers to customers has unique set of documentation, ranging from operating manuals and maintenance documentation to machine programming instructions.

Timely deliveries for customers are highly dependent on the availability of complete documentation. Missing documentation might result in delays!​ This is why data consistency is vital throughout the whole manufacturing and delivery process, and automation of processes pays itself back quickly.

With the help of ATR Soft’s CUSTOMTOOLS -suite integrated in SOLIDWORKS and the CT PUBLISHER -platform, Haloila has been able to address several of their challenges:

  • One challenge is putting together the documentation, which can consist of thousands of pages of operating manuals and the set of documentation is unique per machine. The documentation is stored mainly in the Navision ERP system.
  • A second challenge is sharing and distributing relevant documentation to customers, and controlling access. There are different collaborators, not only customers, but for example also content production partners (printing services, etc.), and internal stakeholders who need access.

As Haloila uses SOLIDWORKS to design all of the complex machines, they use CUSTOMTOOLS for keeping design data consistent and integrating CAD to Navision ERP, where all relevant product information, including documentation, is stored in.

CT PUBLISHER is then used to fetch machine-related documentation at the time of delivery straight from the Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system, and is also used to publish relevant data immediately to the “OCTOdata” web portal for collaborators and customers.

The OCTOdata portal is used to store all data in a central place for each delivered machine. OCTOData facilitates and speeds up product data management throughout the product life cycle.

To summarize: with CT PUBLISHERHaloila is able to streamline its after-sales and delivery processes significantly.

With the solution, Haloila is able to generate needed documentation (manuals, etc.) in just one minute and publish it to stakeholders. Before CT PUBLISHER, this was a manual task with significant effort.

Additionally, Haloila can now be sure that all stakeholders are working with the same versions of documentsand manual entry of data is reduced.

As a next step, it has been planned to perhaps integrate spare part sales into the web portal, which is a separate ready-made module in CT PUBLISHER, which I shall detail in a future blog post… stay tuned!

How can I benefit from CT PUBLISHER?

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