How does Proventia Oy benefit from CT PUBLISHER?

Customer experience is essential in any after-sales activities you perform, and as we have entered a new decade, 2020, your customers increasingly demanding better digital solutions from you as a vendor. Today, customers might be hesitant to pick up the phone to reach out to you, as they are used to ordering goods over the internet with a couple of mouse clicks, or touches of a screen. To stay in the game, you should have a strategy for digitalizing your after-sales activities, such as spare parts and aftermarket accessory orders. In this blog article, we describe how Proventia Oy is executing this strategy by using the CT PUBLISHER platform. They have decided, their B2B customers deserve the same high-grade customer experience, which they are used to in their private lives, too.

Vision: Zero Emission

Proventia‘s goal is to be a leading supplier of technology for the engine, machine, and vehicle industries in selected markets. Proventia’s innovative and high-quality solutions and services reduce the burden on the environment and promote health by improving energy efficiency and reducing harmful emissions.

The company focuses on three business areas: emission control, thermal insulation, and test solutions. Proventia’s mission is to help its customers in selected industries develop energy-efficient products that are friendly to the environment and human health. One of their core values is: the customer comes first. Longstanding customer relationships are the foundation of Proventia’s operations.

The company strives to be an open, reliable, and innovative partner. The services Proventia develops are intended to give its customers a stronger competitive edge to succeed.

The customer comes first!

Some time ago, Proventia was looking to improve the customer experience in their after-sales, maintenance, and warranty activities. Whenever their customers had any issues with Proventia’s products, or something broke, and they had to service the items and order an occasional spare part, they had to pick up the phone, write a lengthy e-mail. There was a bit of unnecessary back-and-forth between the customer and the vendor, trying to identify that specific spare part that needed replacing. The inefficient communication resulted in time wasted on both sides, and sometimes customers were resorting to “alternative” methods for fixing the issues (for example, fabricating parts themselves instead of using original Proventia spare parts).

The result was not only the lousy customer experience but also an increase in operating costs for Proventia in after-sales activities, as well as probably missing on some additional revenue potential through sales of spare parts and accessories for their products. The challenges Proventia set out to solve were

  • improving customer experience overall, as opposed to “only” providing a telephone number to call to, or an e-mail address to contact

  • making it easier to identify and order the correct spare parts, by using visual communication with SOLIDWORKS CAD models and SOLIDWORKS Composer

  • improving the after-sales processes, freeing up time for their employees and also saving internal costs through these improvements

That is when they learned CT PUBLISHER could solve most of these challenges.


Proventia intends to provide its customers with a one-stop-shop for all after-sales needs. The web portal, which is based on CT PUBLISHER, and themed according to Proventia’s brand, is used to give their customers a 24/7 available channel for ordering spare parts and related accessories to Proventia’s products. Proventia grants its customers secure access to the portal, and in the system, they only see what they need to see. This limited access makes it easy for them to make sure customers order parts and accessories specifically for the retrofit emission control equipment they have purchased from Proventia.

CT PUBLISHER and SOLIDWORKS Composer are used to create interactive SVG presentations on the web of Proventia’s products, which

  • are accessible from a regular web browser, on virtually any device, without the need to install any software or even browser plug-ins

  • make it easy to identify the correct spare parts for replacement, without the need to do “guess-work” based on part numbers only

  • are easy to access, and even fun to use, which makes the spare part ordering process quite effortless for customers AND makes customers more committed to using Proventia’s after-sales services


Proventia is currently utilizing the CT PUBLISHER web platform as a spare part webshop mostly. In the future, they plan to expand the use to warranty handling too, which benefits from the same visual communication methods, re-using their SOLIDWORKS designs. Proventia prepares the visualizations by using SOLIDWORKS Composer and the provided Composer Autolink Add-in and the CT PUBLISHER Editor authoring software. We described this publishing process in our previous blog post.

Some metadata, such as part numbers and description information for individual items is pulled straight from the CAD files. But as is typical, not all required metadata, properties, and product information are stored in the CAD data model, but rather in the ERP system, as is the case with Proventia, too. Today, they are getting pricing information for spare parts from their Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system (also known as Microsoft Business Central). Proventia plan to introduce a tighter, more automated integration with their ERP system in the future, which will no doubt lead in more time and cost savings in internal processes.

According to Ville Veijola, R&D Engineer at Proventia in charge of after-sales and warranty activities, as well as documentation and maintenance planning, the most significant benefits of CT PUBLISHER have been

  • The improvements in the general quality of operations in after-sales through the use of the web platform and re-using design data.

  • Easier communication with customers than before, when using visualizations of Proventia products on the web, instead of just relying on verbal and written communication methods (phone, e-mail)

How can I achieve all this with CT PUBLISHER?

If you would like to find out how the CT PUBLISHER platform could help you establish better visual communication with customers and improve the quality of operations in after-sales, we recommend that you schedule your very own demo with us today!


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