What is this after-sales web platform all about?

Our product, CT PUBLISHER, is a web platform that you can use to support all of your after-sales operations, from spare part sales to warranty claims handling and even maintenance procedures to a certain degree.

Main Features

  • Re-use your Solidworks CAD designs in visual communication with your clients through the use of Solidworks Composer
  • Generate service or maintenance Bill Of Material (BOM) based on your existing product data and granting secure access to it for your selected clients in a controlled manner
  • Manage price lists for your products and spare parts in the web-shop
  • Standard shopping cart functionality, easily select and add needed spare parts
    • optional: shipping handling by integrating DHL or UPS service providers
  • Forward your clients purchase orders back to your company for internal processing
    • optional: create the purchase orders directly into your existing ERP system
  • Fully integrated warranty claims handling in the web-shop
  • Attach documentation and guides in various supported formats into the product structure (PDF, HTML, MP4, …)
  • Theme your web-shop based on your existing company brand (color theme + logos)
  • Create forms for capturing data during the sales and maintenance processes, and use reporting functionalities

Extend it!

In addition to the above features, CT PUBLISHER is a very extensible product:

  •  We enable the extensions through the use of our Application Programming Interface (API) and Service Add-in architecture, both of which we can use to integrate virtually any external system into your after-sales process.
  • Additionally, we can use the API to extend the standard/built-in functionalities of the web-shop/portal for your end-users through customizable order, warranty, or maintenance forms.

To summarize: You should see CT PUBLISHER more as a platform than a uniform product. It is an after-sales management solution, which we can adjust to support your existing business processes.

Here is a recent customer success story from one of our best customers in Finland: https://blog.ctpublisher.com/2020/07/01/ct-publisher-success-story-proventia-oy/

How can I get started?

If you would like to find out how the CT PUBLISHER platform could help you establish better visual communication with customers and improve the quality of operations in after-sales, we recommend that you schedule your very own demo with us today!


Olli Murto
Sales, Licensing

olli (@) ctpublisher.com
+358 407 784 386